Iowa Democratic Wing Ding Press Policy

Read over the following Media Credentials policies and criteria before completing the Media Credential Request Form. Credentials for the 2019 Iowa Democratic Wing Ding will be granted to reporters and photographers who are ON ASSIGNMENT and covering political events for legitimate publications, radio, and television stations.

Approval of Media Credentials is at the sole discretion of Iowa Democratic Wing Ding. Failure to follow the request procedures may result in denial of your request.

Credential Requests:
Please read the following criteria prior to submitting the Media Credential Request Form:
- Credential requests must be submitted in advance.
- Deadline for requests is August 5th. 2019 All media requests are no longer being accepted.
- Credential requests will not be granted on-site at the event.
- Please do not pick the riser option unless you are the camera operator for a television network.
- Please do not pick the photo journalist option unless you are the photographer for a print or online publication.

Media Credential Pick-up:
Confirmation of your approved press credentials will be sent via email. Media will check-in inside the east entrance and will receive their press pass there.
Media credentials are non transferable.

Media credentials may be granted to
- Accredited print, radio, television, and online outlets
- Freelancers with proof of news assignment on letterhead from the assigning company

Media credentials WILL NOT be granted to
- Sales staff
- Persons or organizations who are writing or gathering material for books
- Unfunded or exploratory documentary/film crews
- Freelancers without proof of news assignment on letterhead from assigning agency.
- Online services that are non-content based
- Organizations that film or take photos for resale
- Bloggers not on assignment for an accredited media outlet
- Campaign media teams
Persons or organizations whose principal purpose for attending the event is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering the event as working news media.

Organizations that do not qualify for media credentials are welcome on the grounds with paid admission. Broadcasting equipment will not be allowed unless you are an approved credentialed media person(s).

Candidate Interviews:
Iowa Democratic Wing Ding does not assist in arranging interviews with candidates at the Event. Reporters bear the sole responsibility of arranging interviews through candidate staff. If permission is granted, the reporter must confirm all arrangements with the candidate staff.

Iowa Democratic Wing Ding WILL NOT provide backstage access for candidate interviews. At no time are media personnel allowed in the staging area, backstage, or on the stage, unless escorted by credentialed event staff.

Broadcast Equipment:
All Equipment must be contained on/in the platform/area provided
At no times are television cameras allowed in the photo journalist area
At no time are television cameras allowed to roam the venue
At no time are television cameras allowed on the stage
Each television network is allowed one camera inside the venue at any time
The board may at any time grant special access to accredited media to these areas upon request. Such requests must be made before the day of the event.

Photo Journalists:
Photo Journalists are allowed into a reserved section at the front of the venue on a first come first served basis. Approved credential will be marked with a tag allowing you into this area. No other media are allowed into this area.
Failure to comply with any of these procedures or unauthorized use of a credential (including attempts to sell) may result in refusal, forfeiture of credential privileges, removal from the premises and/or prosecution. Credentials must be returned to the check in table when you exit the building. Policy is subject to change at any time.